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"Unnati" from Sanskrit can be translated as rising, ascending, advance, elevation or progress in development.

We are launching the Unnati Initiative to share our skills and expertise to help advance and uplift mission-driven social impact projects working hard on their mission but yet unable to invest in their branding, design or marketing communications.


So we are offering up to 25,000€ worth of our time and skills to five teams (5,000€ / around 100h each) focused on social innovation in education, health & well-being, environment regeneration, community building or humane technology development.

WHY? Because we want to help impactful work get noticed, recognised and supported. We believe that purposeful design and focused visual communication strategies have the power to help enhance any value-aligned business and project, yet many organisations and teams have a hard time finding funds in their budget for this. 

25,000€ worth of design services to help your team get to new heights.

“Seeds need time and the right environment to take root and have a chance to grow into strong trees. The Unnati Initiative is our attempt to share our skills and time in order to help create the right environment for growth so that more people will have a chance to enjoy the fruits from the work of the social innovators.”
Emil Blum / Founder of Calumma

Apply or Nominate

We encourage everyone who qualifies to apply. We also know many will not have time or will never hear about our initiative so if you know of someone who fits our criteria, do not wait for them to apply, take a moment and nominate them yourself.


Saturday, May 11, 2024 / 00:00 (UTC-12).

Saturday, June 1, 2024 / 00:00 (UTC-12).

Additional Info

Eligibility Criteria

For either non-profit, charitable, social enterprise, or for-profit organizations prioritizing social impact over commercial goals in the abovementioned five categories. The application must provide examples of meaningful work and impact in their respective fields. The proposed initiative should be active and ongoing, not a one-time event or campaign.

Brand and design services provided

The specific services provided will be determined and agreed upon with the chosen project leads to ensure the most helpful and impactful solutions are created based on their particular needs. This can include complete rebranding, designing and launching a website, creating social media content, designing internal documents, training staff in social media management, etc.

Choosing the finalists

Members of our team and invited experts in each category will review all applicants and individually suggest their favourites. They will choose based on the value and impact each project aims to provide and the potential empowerment brand design improvements could make in their work. After, we will narrow down to the most suggested and collectively agree on the final five.

No losers here

Although we will pick only five teams, one from each category, to receive our time and expertise, we will also create a public list of all submitted projects with links to their work so others who can help can get in touch and form new connections and collaborations. Additionally, all projects submitted this year will automatically enrol in future runs of the Unnati Initiative each year.

Media Pack

Click here to download a few handy visuals for your social media and help us spread the word about the Unnati Initiative.

*The way humans do most things needs to be improved, so we’re here to give those new ideas a designer's touch. Here's some of our work.
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