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Serene Branding & Web Design

Branding, Web Design, Illustration

Serene is a remarkable organisation based in sunny San Diego, USA, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of adolescent girls nationwide and around the world. Serene's mission is simple yet profound: to empower young girls to overcome mental health challenges through a combination of community support and cutting-edge technology.

The team is passionate about improving the mental well-being of teenage girls by harnessing the power of technology and expert-led community workshops. They address the anxiety and hopelessness often exacerbated by societal and technological pressures, providing innovative solutions that truly make a difference in the local communities.

Our collaboration with Serene involved creating a concise one-page website that serves as their digital business card, introducing the local communities (and the world) to their crucial work. Inspired by their mission, we chose to employ bold and expressive collage graphics, capturing the essence of their energetic approach and delivering a compelling visual message.

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