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A space for us to bring our ideas to life to benefit all.

Calumma XY&Z is our idea laboratory focusing on developing and launching projects that align with our company's values and can direct people's awareness towards improved living, learning, relationships and consumption.

Below is a list of projects our team is currently working on, developing or conceptualising in our spare time. If you would like to be one of the first to find out about their progress or how to help contribute to their success, please sign up to receive our email updates in the form at the bottom of the page.

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Calumma OÜ,

Sakala tn 7-2, Harju maakond
Tallinn, 10141, Estonia

Project No. 1

AI-enhanced journaling app for dreams

We have designed and are currently testing a new mobile application utilising generative AI tools to help document people's dreams, enhance their sleep patterns and create a social community of dream-world explorers.

Project No. 3

Film Festival on the process of living

We are working on launching a film festival in Portugal that would focus on showcasing documentary films about the behind-the-scenes of living to create an opportunity to learn from our individual experiences on this planet and develop empathy for everyone’s journey through life.

Project No. 4

A mobile app for healing generational trauma

We are in the early stages of developing a mobile application with the aim of encouraging parents to contextualise their difficult emotions so they can improve relationships with their children.

Project No. 2

Circular Apparel with a mission

We're developing a limited-run, high-quality range of apparel to establish awareness of important global initiatives and to raise funds to support their work.

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